Lemon Group is represented by a set of boutique consulting firm , having offices in the UK and in India. We offer services like Tech Transfer, Knowledge Transfer and IP Protection in over 30 countries

In addition to the above, Lemon offers its proprietary audit services, titled Lemon “Content & IP Audit” (CIPA), which was launched in 2012 and as a part of our Go-To-Market strategy we approach the large media/content companies through our established partner network. Over the past 06 years ,we have built up an ecosystem of a partner network that comprises of large technology and audit companies like Tech Mahindra, TATA Communications UK, Ernst & Young.

These partners see a lot of value in Lemon CIPA and it helps them to increase their share of wallet in their media/content accounts by positioning Lemon CIPA, as this plays a business transformation tool for the content companies.