Leveraging upon the rise of New Media

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30 Nov 2011

In the recent times, one may see a lot of adaptation of global technologies in the telecom & convergence space, which has gained relevance off late. This need for technology has become vital on account of the contribution it has given to business. As a result, more & more companies are leaning towards consulting services that have a focus on technology.

To play a defined role in this space, Lemontree Consulting has brought to the fore, how technology and advisory services would be viewed in future. Lemontree Consulting would focus on providing solutions, would assist in strategic level business development, and would assist organizations to shape their digital roadmap, thus helping in creating partnerships and new opportunities.

Adgully caught with Subhash R Ghosh, Founder Lemontree Consulting to know more about their initiative. Subhash R Ghosh has been a senior professional in the sales & marketing arena.

Stating the key highlights of his journey, Ghosh said, "The journey has been really great and I thank everybody who has been around me and supported me in this journey throughout."

Having said that, he mentioned that, "After having spent close to 17 years in the Telecom and Media industry, taking this step of turning an entrepreneur was but obvious. At the same time, when I look back at whatever I have achieved in the past 17 years, I certainly feel that it has added a lot to my learning curve. The market is opening up and I see a lot of opportunities happening."

Highlighting about some of the key marketing strategies, Ghosh said, "We firmly believe the phrase "let our work speak" and don't want to create expectations within our clientele by offering high decibel activities."

Therefore, the company works very closely with the clients and works a lot on their recommendations/references. There is also a fair amount of exposure in the form of participating in international conferences and seminars ' like MWC Barcelona etc.

India is yet to become a destination where consulting /advisory services by experienced/seasoned professionals are viewed at par with established consulting houses of the world, like Accenture. "Having said that, we are already working with some of the biggest media agencies in India , as well as with a bunch of technology and product companies for international and domestic markets."

Adding further he said, "In the next 6-9 months, we are looking at setting up a small team as well as have plans of opening up our offices in the UK, as we feel UK is an ideal location for sourcing biz from the European as well as US Region."

Speaking about their associations and on ground activities for promotions, he said, "The kind of domain where LTC operates ' works mainly around the circles like VC and Investors (for the Telecom and Media Domain) , Mobile Operators , TV Channels and Media Agencies and Content Providers."

The mobile VAS industry in India has been into existence over the past 11 years now and has evolved into one of the most potential lines for revenue generation. It has compelled operators into believing the fact that there is a significant chunk of subscribers out there who would want to experience content (in all forms and genres) and their appetite is only growing manifold. With 3G going live across the country, the potential looks to be a huge opportunity as long as there is a strong focus on product innovation, delivery and execution which is also today an area of bigger concern as there isn't much of any innovation happening on the mobile VAS product front.

He says, "Even though the operators still maintain a walled garden approach, off late, I see a trend of them opening up and willing to talk to their partners and the entire ecosystem. Though it needs to be seen how much of their purse they are willing to loosen as operators tend to take the lion's share of the business."

Apart from focusing on innovations in convergence space, services will also be provided on the various facets of businesses like advisory services , client value creation, incubating ideas, business planning & roll-out strategies, contact management. This would facilitate a feasible and sustainable business solution and ultimately give the company a competitive edge in all its business activities.