Subhash Ghosh launches Lemontree Consulting

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01 Jun 2011

The adaptation of global technologies in the telecom & convergence space has gained relevance in recent times. This need for technology has become vital on account of the contribution it has given to business. As a result, more & more companies are leaning towards consulting services that have a focus on technology.

With the emergence to New Media and a unified global environment in terms content consumption as well as the distribution and delivery mechanism that makes the consumption process a lifetime experience –every organization who’s playing a bit of a role in the entire value chain – it’s imperative to offer and deliver the best. With the increasing change in the consumer behavior and the ever growing appetite for consumer experience – there is a dire need for constant innovation and re-engineering ,which are powered by superior technology, right mix of products and an in-depth understanding of the content & distribution business, not necessarily in that order.

What plays a key role in the above – is the experience of the people who have been there and done that.

To play a defined role in this space, Lemontree Consulting has brought to the fore, how technology and advisory services would be viewed in future. With the burgeoning Indian economy and the complex challenges faced by the telecom & media industry in general, Lemontree Consulting would focus on providing solutions, assist in strategic level business development, help organizations to shape their digital roadmap, help in create partnerships and new opportunities.  It will, on a case-to-case basis, will be assisting organization to implement the strategies into measurable action-plans and deliver results over a period of time.

Globally, Consulting as a practice, is gaining momentum and emphasis is being laid on services that aid in efficiency to the business. This thriving growth opportunity in the ‘new media’ & convergence space has prompted

Subhash R. Ghosh, the Founder & Managing Partner of Lemontree Consulting, with a hands-on experience of more than 17 years in Telecom and Media, to venture into consulting, especially in digital convergence space. Adding further, on his new entrepreneurial venture, Subhash said, “With Digital Content gaining popularity as well as availability of bandwidth at the press of a button, the next 18-24 months would be extremely crucial as well as interesting to watch out, as these would be the key driver to augment a revolution in the convergence industry. There would be some serious consolidations happening in the media industry as well as the telecom service providers need to relook the way they are approaching their consumer”

Apart from focusing on innovations in convergence space, services will also be provided on the various facets of businesses like advisory services , client value creation, incubating ideas, business planning & roll-out strategies, contact management. This would facilitate a feasible and sustainable business solution and ultimately give the company a competitive edge in all its business activities.

Whilst working for large setups’, Subhash has been associated with prominent names in the industry. Elaborating on Subhash’s entrepreneurial venture, Kumar Ramanathan, CMO-Vodafone, said, “Subhash is flexible in his approach, and is gifted with a creative bent of mind, coupled with business acumen. He has the ability to build rapport and is prepared to take risk; all the right ingredients to operate in a successful business environment.”

While appreciating Subhash’s knowledge and skill-base, Sanjay Gupta, COO-Star Group added, “Subhash has an uncanny ability to explore and to unlock value in the digital space, which is well complimented by his thirst to adapt with the ever changing dynamics in marketing brought about by technology.”

Adding value to the initiatives & the road map drawn by the founder-managing partner of  Lemon Tree Consulting’s services, Atul Churamani, Content Head of OnMobile said, “ Subhash, comes with great ideas and is one of those rare breed of professionals who displays an all-round skill in content and knowledge of the online space”.

Rajat Jain, Chairman of Mobile2Win complimented by stating “Subhash is very well networked in the telecom space. His forte lies in his strengths, which are supported by his familiarity with the industry, coupled with an in-depth understanding & ability to exploit content. This has given him a strategic positioning, way ahead of the rest of the players in this industry.”