Lemon Advisors UK along with OMS signs MOU with Kerala Government

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30 Sep 2019

(30 September 2019 - Orbital Micro Systems) Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) has signed an agreement with the government of Kerala, India to establish the Global Earth Observation Centre of Excellence (GECOE) in the Kerala SpacePark.

As a part of the arrangement, OMS will establish an office and work with local commercial and public entities to support the education, development, incubation, and success of Earth Observation (EO)-driven companies and sectors across India and the broader ASEAN region.

“We are grateful to the government of Kerala to be selected to help develop a state-of-the-art facility for Earth Observation innovation and business development that will serve local, regional, and global markets,” said William Hosack, chief executive officer for OMS. “Our company looks forward to working with entrepreneurs and experts from Kerala and Asia to build a dynamic and successful resource that can leverage advanced EO data to create revenue and jobs.”

Based in Boulder, Colorado, and with established operations in the UK, OMS develops advanced EO technology that has proven to deliver highly accurate and well-defined weather data. In addition, the company recently opened its International Center for Earth Data (ICED) in Edinburgh, Scotland, which processes raw data from numerous private and public EO sources, making it ready for analysis by business customers – often within minutes of observation. GECOE will have access to OMS data scientists and analysis-ready datasets through the ICED platform, giving enterprises operating in the SpacePark a strong foundation for building competitive offerings.

Lemon Advisors UK, a strategic business partner of OMS, was instrumental in facilitating the GECOE agreement.

“Lemon Advisors clearly demonstrated its expertise for business development in the region, and will continue to assist OMS in identifying businesses that can benefit from GECOE services and data while furthering our business relations throughout Asia,” noted Hosack.

In addition to Lemon Advisors and the Kerala government, OMS is working with TechnoPark and Start-up Mission to build and operate GECOE.

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Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) specializes in the development and delivery of technology and data for space applications. With broad expertise in applied science, weather science and earth observation, instrumentation development, data science, space operations, and program delivery, OMS is positioned to deliver innovation to many areas of the aerospace sector.

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