OMS Ltd. engages Lemon Advisors UK to deliver weather intelligence services in APAC Markets

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12 Jan 2019

Orbital Micro Systems (OMS), a leader in advanced instrumentation for small satellite missions and weather intelligence analytics, announced it has formed a strategic relationship with Lemon Advisors, a consultancy focused on international expansion and strategic business development activities, to assist the company in increasing sales of its unique weather intelligence services for commercial and government entities.

Under the leadership of founder Subhash Ghosh, Lemon Advisors UK will work closely with OMS to identify and engage key industrial and government customers that can benefit from the unmatched volume and precision of analytics-ready weather observation data generated from OMS’s International Center for Earth Data (ICED) facility in Edinburgh, Scotland. Lemon Advisors UK will also contribute local expertise to contractual matters, sales and promotional activities, partnering and alliance opportunities, business formalities, and operational management.

“Lemon Advisors UK has deep expertise in helping technology companies build their presence in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and understands how OMS’s weather intelligence solutions can have a dramatic impact on the security, safety, and prosperity of people throughout the region,” explained Willian Hosack, chief executive officer for OMS. “We see Lemon Advisors UK as an essential resource for growing our presence all across these markets.”

OMS operates a fleet of earth observation satellites that will gather detailed weather data much more frequently and accurately than current government-owned weather satellites. OMS’s ICED platform integrates this data with other public and private datasets to provide simple and timely access to comprehensive weather intelligence within minutes of observation. The ICED platform empowers decision-making and risk management based on facts, not forecasts. The data produced from ICED serves a multitude of military, government, and commercial organizations, including customers in insurance, aviation, maritime, energy, and agricultural sectors. With higher temporal and spatial resolution, refreshed and delivered every 15 minutes, it provides accurate forecasting to enable faster, informed analytics and decision-making and ultimately improving the effectiveness of organizations’ forecasting, financial modeling, and operations.

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