Sathya K

January 11, 2014

Sathya K

In mid 2012, we were in the midst of exploring various options to take our “Business Analytics & Subscriber Engagement” products to the next level of growth and around this time we came across to Lemontree Consulting®.

The mandate for us was clear – increase number of clients – in India and overseas. Given the fact that we wanted to go global and we were looking at business opportunities in India as well as in other key markets – Lemontree Consulting® helped to match our expectations.

One of key values that they bring on board is their in-depth understanding and valuable insights of the mobile operator of over 30 countries. Beside their domain knowledge and “C” level industry contacts across multiple geographies as well as extensive domain knowledge of the mobile operator ecosystem, they have excellent relationships at all levels – which certainly helped us to meet our goals.

We must say that during our engagement of 14 months, our association with Lemontree Consulting® have created significant values for us in the following areas:

– Helped us acquire a few very important clients that includes one of the largest Indian operators as well as some key ones in the APAC Region.
– Helped to innovate and scale our products based on critical inputs and market feedback/insights
– Helped us to position ourselves as the “Thought Leader” in this space.

We wish Lemontree Consulting® and its team a great future ahead.