Kumar Ramanathan

June 14, 2011

Kumar Ramanathan

I have known Subhash for over a year now and have also worked with him whilst exploring partnerships with Disney UTV. The entertainment sector is packed with people, predominantly with a creative bend of mind but Subhash comes as a breath of fresh air with a more business orientation.

A very easy person to work with and displays skills to manoeuvre operations favourably.

From the interactions that I have had with Subhash, he should be a success in his chosen area of operation. He has the ability to build rapport easily, is flexible in approach, and is prepared to take risk; all the right ingredients to operate in a successful business environment.

I have seen him operating predominantly in a partner organization and being a natural enabler, he should be an automatic success in the consulting space. Technically, I would urge him to explore more 2G based content on the mobile format.